Artistic director: Amos Hetz and Lior Avizoor
Producer: Maayan Miryam Moses
Lighting: Shachar Werechson
Stage Manager: Zoe Bronshteyn
PR: Ali Heffetz

A room implies constriction and intimacy, a break from everyday noises and a time for contemplation. The works presented in this year’s festival wish to direct our attention inwards, reconstruct what we have done and create a dance which gives room for slowing down and meditation. When we are inside the room, we are also happy to open the house’s windows, to listen and to see the activity that takes place around us and touches us.

In the beginning of the 21th century, Duchamp created his readymade, turning our attention and our responsibility to the hidden beauty in everyday objects and to the poetry they conceal. In the 1950s, John Cage created 4′33″,making it possible for any noise to become part of the music. Moreover, he made us see that silence is brimming with both external and internal acoustic events. These years also saw the emergence of dancesborn out of everyday movement, dances that highlight non-virtuous body postures and give us a chance to listen to the smaller sounds generated inside us and around us, and to the imagery they evoke.

The dances this year were created with the idea of a “gap”, which distances us from the speed and acceleration around us. They wish to slow down, to direct the dancer’s attention and the viewer’s expectations to the periphery, to the margins of the dance, to gestures concealed between moves and to images evoked in the viewer and dancer alike during the dance.

The festival this year includes three different programs and a conference. Three of the works deal with taking time and deceleration, nine are a response to John Cage’s 4′33″, and the last one is by our guest performers, choreographer Anna Huber and musician Martin Schütz (Germany-Switzerland).