Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Shamayim - Ziv Ben
Lighting: Sivan Berlin

It was wonderful to have a glimpse of the dances from the beginning of the 20th century. Dances by the pioneers of modern dance were recreated and danced by Elizabeth Fisher (USA). In contrast, Dorothea Rust (Switzerland) improvised and gave her view of dance today. Two Israeli dancers, Einya Cohen and YaelCnaani, created their own compositions with EWMN and performed them with their own groups.

Each evening, before the performances,Dana Hirsh (USA/Israel) improvised in front of the theater hall, making the site a part of her performance.

Program 1

1. Now

Dance composition and dancer – Anat Shamgar

2. On Time Diving into Place

Dance composition and dancer – Dorothea Rust (Switzerland)

Music – Jeremias Schwarzer

Program 2

1. Pa’amonim

Dance composition and dance: Alit Heiman

2. Dance Reconstructions by Elizabeth Fisher (Hawaii, USA)

Preludes (1963-1973): Marianne Vogelsang

Music: J.S. Bach

3. Affectos Humanos (1962) – Dore Hoyer

Music: D. Shostakovich

4. Tribe – Alwin Nikolais

Music: Alwin Nikolais

Program 3

From Action to Movement

Dance, words, video, music: Amos Hetz

Program 4

1. Group Improvisation

Dancers: Oren Lalo, Dganit Shemi, Dana Yechezkel, Mirik Hamami, Naama Spitzer, Tamar Gal

2. Rishumim

Dance composition: Yael Cnaani

Dancers: Yael Cnaani, Michal Agasi, Natalia Shupayv, Sharon Filmus-Ashkenazi

3. Wondering Figures

Dance composition: Einya Cohen

Dancers: Ora Avraham, Dana Shibolet, Naama Spitzer, Rinat Paz