Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Shamayim- Ziv Ben
Lighting: Sivan Berlin

Rubaiyat is the title of a suite of dances created by Noa Eshkol, one of numerous dance scores she created and performed with her group following the invention of EWMN (together with Abraham Wachman), and based on a great amount of research she conducted in different fields of movement.

In this festival, Racheli Nul, who had been a member of Noa’s group for many years, presented some of the dances from this suite together with Eran Wishenko. The festival also featured other solos, duets, trios and group work by various dancers.

Program 1

1. Rik-Ma-Daka

Dance composition and dancers: Hannah Elhardt, Merav Israel

2. Rubaiyat no. 1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 7

Dance composition: Noa Eshkol

Dancers: Racheli Nul, Eran Wishenko

Program 2

1. Shuf

Dance composition: Diti Tor

Music: Schnittke, Frescobaldi, Bach, Pärt

Dancers: Diti Tor, Meir Frid

2. Coming Out

Dance composition and dancer: Ilanit Tadmor

Music: Alon Nechushtan

3. Yareach

Dance composition: Yael Shani

Dancers: Yael Shani, Michal Erkind, Zohar Shapira-Mansura, Tali Netzer, Tamar Nevo, Ronit Koren

Music: Ilan Green

Program 3

1. A Talk with My Sister

Dance composition and dancer: Batyah Schachter

Music: Satie, Beethoven

2. Prelude no. 8; Gestures, Circles, Ripples

Dance composition: Amos Hetz

Dancers: Amos Hetz, Roni Givon, Nehama Einbinder

3. Three

Dance composition and dancers: Anat Shamgar, Tamar Borer