Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Diana Shoef

The search for a direct connection to dance was, from the first festival onwards, presented through two main directions: movement notation and improvisation. In this festival, we presented another approach: the different ethnic dances,which are a deep source of inspiration for dance creation.

John Cage was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. His compositions are an inspiration and encouragement to our work. In this festival two dancers presented pieces with his music.

Program 1


Dancers: Anat Shamgar, Julian Hamilton (GB)

Bass: J.C. Johns

Program 2

1. Or

Dance composition and dancer – Rina Schenfeld

Music: John Cage

2. Following Socrates

Dance composition and dancer: Amos Hetz

Music: John Cage

Bass: J.C. Johns

Program 3

Ethnic Dances Marathon

1. Spanish dance – Silvia Duran

2. Oriental dance – Yael Moav

3. Japanese dance – Kadia Moses

Program 4


Dance composition and dancer: Julian Hamilton (GB)

Movement workshop: Julian Hamilton (GB), Amos Hetz