Amos Hetz: Artistic Director
Production: Shamayim - Ziv Ben

This year, each of the festival’s four programs was divided into two parts;

A was a solo dance and duets, combining video projections, a different approach to music (ethnic music, digital, instrumental, voice), and the use of objects.

B was a dance made from a collection of short solo dances, composed around one of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each evening focused on a different element.

Program 1

Two – Dana Bar

Five Geometry's – Ursula Ritter (Germany)

Earth – Sandra Amsalem, Alit Etrog-Heiman, Amos Hetz, Dana Bar

Program 2

Next Time – Zahava Burnovski, Hadas Lantzet

Five Pictures – Alit Etrog-Heiman

Air – Sandra Amsalem, Ofra Hoffman, Alit Etrog-Heiman, Yael Cnaani, Tali Zavilevitch, Ursula Ritter (Germany)

Program 3

Portrait – Ronnie Heller

Way Home – Orli Portal, Shai Dayan

Fire – Alit Etrog-Heiman, Ofra Hofman, Amos Hetz, Yael Cnaani

Program 4

Drawings 6 – Yael Cnaani, Tali Zavilevitch

Ikebana – Sandra Amsalem

Four Poems – Amos Hetz

Water – Alit Etrog-Heiman, Yael Cnaani, Tali Zavilevitch, Roni Heller, Ursula Ritter (Germany)