Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Nili Maman

1. Baroque Today:

Project of dances composed to music by J.P.Rameau

Compositionanddance: Sharona Florsheim and Naaman Izraeli, Shelly Palmon, Yael Bar-Navi, Oren Tishler

2. Rameau suite

Composition and Dance: Amos Hetz.

3. Stones and Pearls

Composition and Dance – Smadar Cohen and Ben Niran, Ronnie Heller and Dganit Elkayam, Batyah Schachter, Einat Rave-Golan,

4. Drawing and Dancing: I am Drawing, You are Dancing

Drawing and dancing: Yael Cnaani, Amos Hetz