Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Shamayim- Ziv Ben
Lighting: Sivan Berlin

In this festival we produced another collective dance: Zodiac. Dancers and musicians together. The decision who would dance with whom was made with the help of astrology, and according to each dancer or musician’s sign and its relationship to the others. This method created unexpected possibilities for group dances.

An important contribution was made by violinist Malcolm Goldstein. Malcolm took part in Zodiac, played in Amos Hetz’s Following Socrates, and joined Anat Shamgar and Batyah Schachter in improvisation.

Program 1

Zodiac – Collage for 14 dancers and musicians

Oron Shwartz, Malcolm Goldstein (USA), Yael Shani, Ilan Leshem, Tamir Gilad, Amos Pinchasi, Anat Shamgar, Ursula Grotbul, Zohar Rabinovitch, Joseph Shprinzak, Margalit Peri-Sha’altiel, Orit Nevo, Amos Hetz, J.C. Johns

Program 2

1. Improvisations

Dancers: Anat Shamgar, Batyah Schachter

Violin, voice: Malcolm Goldstein(USA)

2. Following Socrates

Dance composition and dancer – Amos Hetz

Music: John Cage

Violin: Malcolm Goldstein (USA)

Program 3

Violin and Voice Recital

Music: Malcolm Goldstein (USA)

Program 4

1. The Peeler

Dance composition and dancer: Amos Pinchasi (USA)

2. Five Haikus

Dance composition and dancers: Yael Shani, Sharon Filmus

Music: Aharon Razel

3. Breakable

Dance composition and dancer: Amos Pinchasi (USA)

Music: Peter Gabriel

4. Larma

Dance composition and dancer: Amos Pinchasi (USA)

Following Noa Eshkol’s Dances

Lectureand videos: Michal Shoshani

Dance party

In collaboration with Bugi Jerusalem