Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Diana Shoef
Misha Tcherniavsky: lighting

This time, the festival was rich in wonderful performers: Simone Forti (USA), one of the important dancers using improvisation as a tool to come closer to the human movement, and James Saunders, who is on the other side of the fence. Trained as a modern dancer, he turns this language into a formof expression that is very personal and deep.

A third unusual attempt was Ahuva’s piece researching movement with an object constructed especially for her needs.

This festival also sought to discover the potential beauty in pedestrian movement.

Program 1


Dance composition and dancer – James Saunders(Germany)

Music: J. Fulkerson, G. Ligeti, H. Górecki

Program 2

Following Socrates; Duets, Preludes, Postlude

Dance composition – Amos Hetz.

Dancers – Nehama Einbinder, Amos Hetz

Music: John Cage

Bass: J.C. Johns

Program 3


Dance improvisation: Simone Forti (USA)

Bass: J.C. Johns

Program 4

1. Touching

Dance composition and dancer – Ahuva Fridkes Korn

Design: Ido Bruno

2. Group Dance

Dance composition: Sigal Bergman

Dancers: Dganit Harpaz, Ruth Weinshenk, Yael Cohen, Tamar Shwartzman, Sigal Bergman

3. Body Stories

Dance improvisation: Anat Shamgar

Tex: Amos Hetz

4. Every Minute

Work in progress: Smadar Emor, Avi Ashraf

Movement worksho: Simone Forti (USA)