Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Diana Shoef
Lighting: AlanBachinsky

At the time of the first festival, pure dance was known in Israel only through the work of Noa Eshkol. It was highly respected, but considered to be outside of the dance world.

My intention was to bring together a wide spectrum of pieces from the realm of dance as an independent art. Without any stagecraft, almost like opening a studio to the public.

Inviting Lisa Nelson from the United States was an important contribution, stating that this is a form of art that exists in other places of the world as well.

Program 1

Eight Dances

Dance composition: Amos Hetz

Dancers: Tnu’ot Dance Ensemble: Amos Hetz, Alit Heiman, Ahuva Fridkes Korn, Orli Karlinsky

Program 2

1. Eode

2. The Part of One Hears

3. Forge

Dance composition and improvisation: Lisa Nelson (USA)

Program 3

1. Duet – Anat Shamgar, Irit Amar

2. Duets – Tnu’ot Dance Ensemble

3. Stigmata – Dana Shibolet, Carla Grustin

4. Shining – Iris Lana, Iris Goren

5. Improvisation – Lisa Nelson

6. Improvisation – Lisa Nelson, Anat Shamgar, Irit Amar

Program 4

Light and Movemen: visual art generated through Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation

Lecture demonstration: John Harries

Movement workshop with Lisa Nelson (USA) and Amos Hetz

Lisa Nelson – Contact Improvisation – lecture demonstration