Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Daphna Efron
Lighting: Sivan Berlin

Following Lisa Nelson’s project from the previous year, we initiated the collective dance Vexations. This was a dance marathon – 10 hours of non-stop dance – with music by Erik Satie played live (pianists changing every 30 minutes). It was an attempt to bring together, on stage,multiple dancers, styles and forms of expression. Each dancer created on his or her own, but dancing with different dancers they created a chance-operated choreography.

Program 1

Following Socrates; Four Duets

Dance composition: Amos Hetz

Dancers: Nehama Einbinder, Amos Hetz

Music: John Cage

Flute: Abigail Dolan

Program 2


Music: Erik Satie

10 hour dance marathon, video, 15 dancers, 17 pianists, 5 video artists

Program 3

1. Two Dances

Dance composition and dancer: Susan Rethorst (USA)

Program 4

1. Genesis

Dance composition and dancer: Shulamit Yaron

2. Interpretations

Dance improvisation: Anat Shamgar, Batyah Schachter