Artistic Director: Amos Hetz
Producer: Diana Shoef
Lighting: Shai Yehudai

Presenting the festival for the second time was a way of establishing it.

This time Cathy Weis joined Lisa Nelson, and together they performed a piece that included a video as part of the dance. This showed us that video can be an integrated part of the search for a dance art expression of movement.

As in the year before, we included a movement workshop within the festival framework, offering movement experience to dancers who hadn’t had a chance to experience it before.

John Harries once again presented his visual art generated through EWMN (Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation).

EWMN is the tool Amos Hetz and his dancers use to create and learn their dances, and Noa Eshkol’s work was a wonderful light to follow and a wonderful source of encouragement.

1. Tnu’ot Dance Ensemble

1. Quartet

2. Trios

3. Duets

4. Solo

Dance composition: Amos Hetz
Dancers: Amos Hetz, Alit Heiman, Ahuva Fridkes Korn, Orli Got, Nehama Einbinder

2. An Abundanza in the Air

Video and dance – Lisa Nelson, Cathy Weis (USA)

3. Dance and Video Collaboration

With Lisa Nelson, Cathy Weis (USA) and John Harries

4. Dance Technique, Improvisation and Composition

Dancers discussion (Noa Guy, Ruth Ziv-Eyal, Dalia Cohen, Rina Schenfeld, Amos Hetz)

5. Video and dance workshop with Cathy Weis (USA)

6. Dance workshop – Lisa Nelson (USA) and Amos Hetz