This is the 29th year Room Dances Festival has been held in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv. The festival wishes to create an intimate experience of movement, centering on solo dancers or small ensembles performing in venues where no partition exists between stage and viewer. The dances all aim to give precedence to the dancer-creator, while examining new forms of creation and dance-language which emphasizes the intimacy between dancers and viewers.

This year's program:

1st weekend: Vexations, opening event, Friday 14/12, 12:00-24:00, Varda Hall, Batsheva Dance Company, Suzanne Dellal Center.

2nd weekend: Programs A, B, C, 20-22/12, 20:30; Conference 21/12, 12:00, Ha-Teiva Theater, Jerusalem boulevard 19, Jaffa.

3rd weekend: Programs A, B, C, 26-29/12, Leo Model Hall, Gerard Behar Center, Bezalel street 11, Jerusalem