2014 >> Time and Trace

Friday, December 5, 2014 11:00-14:00
HaTeiva, Tel Aviv

How is dance remembered? What do we go back to when we reconstruct a dance? In what way does a dance exist when it is not danced? Participants: Lior Avizoor, Dr. Meirav Almog, Amos Hetz, Bosmat Nossan, Ido Feder, Naomi Polani, Shelly Palmon, Christina Ciupke (in English).


2013 >> A-ppearance

Friday, December 13, 2013 12:00-16:00
HaTeiva, Tel Aviv

The conference this year will be dedicated to thinking about articulation, about spacing, about distance for contemplation that can happen when we slow down. We wish to emphasize the role of lingering when composing and performing a dance, and in reflection afterwards. We wish to step apart, to contemplate and give space for the emptiness and quietness required in order for new contents and values to exist – those that are hindered by speed, pressure and noise.
The event will include artist statements, a panel discussion and talks by Zmira Lutzky, Prof. Hagi Kenaan and Prof. Ilan Golani. Moderated by Lior Avizoor.

2012 >> Improvisation/Composition

Friday, December 14, 2012 14:00-17:00
HaTeiva, Tel Aviv

The conference will discuss the questions raised by Heinrich von Kleist’s essay “On the Marionette Theater” regarding the tension between the spontaneous and the mechanic. It will also address different aspects of improvisation and composition in artistic creation in general, and in the dances created for this festival in particular.
The conference will open with introductions by the participating dancers, which will be joined by Prof. Amos Hetz, Liora Bing-Heidecker and Dr. Guy Hoffman. Moderated by Lior Avizoor.