Spaces – For a dancer, tenor saxophone and toy piano

By Anat Shamgar and Kiki Keren Hoss
Toy piano: Shira Lagman
Tenor saxophone: Tom Soloveichik

It all starts with silence. Three equal voices weave time simultaneously, creating sequences of breaks and movement, silence and sound.

Anat Shamgar is a dancer who creates her own solo worksand collaborates with other artists from various fields. Her works have been presented in numerous festivals,including Montpellier, Podewil Berlin, NYC ImprovFest, Mahol Lohet, Room Dances Festival, Haramat Masach and Israel Festival. She is a member of the Dance Faculty of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and acts as Head of the Choreography Program and the Movement Department.

Kiki Keren Hoss, a composer and sound artist, frequently collaborates with artists in the plastic arts and dance fields. She investigates thecombination of acoustic and electro-acoustic music, as well as opera and Music Theater, frequentlyby using materials from her immediate surroundings and everyday reality, from which she is trying to create images of inner worlds.

Shira Lagman, a pianist, composer and member of Musica Nova ensemble, gives recitals in Israel, the US and Europe with a classical and modern repertoire. Shira played under Ilan Volkov, Zsolt Nagy and Omer Meir Wellber. She works with artists in the performance arts, plastic arts and design. Shira holds an Artist Diploma from the New England Conservatory in Boston.

Tom Soloveichik, musician and sound artist, hold a BA in Music and Philosophy from Haifa University and an MA cum laude in Sound Art from the London College of Communication (UAL). He has worked and recorded with a wide range of musicians in Israel and abroad. His works were presented in various exhibitions and festivals, including Kola Shel Ha’Mila 2012, Bat Yam International Street-Theater Festival 2012 and group exhibitions in London.