Conference A-ppearance

Friday, December 13 2013 12:00-16:00
HaTeiva, Tel Aviv

The conference this year will be dedicated to thinking about articulation, about spacing, about distance for contemplation that can happen when we slowdown. We wish to emphasize the role of lingering in creating and performing a dance, and in the reflection afterwards. We wish to step apart, to contemplate and give space for the emptiness and quietness required in order for new contents and values to exist – those that are hindered by speed, pressure and noise.

The event will include artist statements, artist panel discussion and talks by Zmira Lutzky, Prof. Hagi Kenaan and Prof. Ilan Golani. Moderated by Lior Avizoor.

Lior Avizoor is an independent curator and a PhD candidate in the Performance Research Program at Tel Aviv University. Lior holds a BA from Amsterdam School of the Arts and an MA from the Multidisciplinary Program in the Arts at Tel Aviv University. After several years of dancing and teaching abroad, Lior returned to Israel, where she works to stimulate the discourse onthe performing arts, and to connect dance to other cultural domains. Lior curates the Tel Aviv Museum ofArt dance series, co-edits Maakaf, an online magazine for the performing arts, and teaches theory and practice in various institutions, such as the Kelim Centerfor Choreography, Beit-Zvi School of the Performing Arts and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Ilan Golani is a professor of zoology at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Life Science. He uses EWMN (Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation) to analyze and quantify animal behavior. His researches focus on the characterization and quantification of animal spontaneous behavior, evaluating it with the use of geometric and statistic criterions.This form of description brings forward the emotional and cognitive meaning of the animal’s own world.

Hagi Kenaan is a professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University. His main areas of research are continental philosophy, aesthetics and philosophy of art. His latest book, The Ethics of Visuality: Levinas and the Contemporary Gaze (Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2008) was translated into French and English and published in France, England and the United States.

Zmira Lutzky is a multidisciplinary musician, pianist and radio personality.