Horizons and Verticals no.1 – Amos Hetz

In this dance I examine the possibility of moving various limbs at the same time, each limb having a course of its own, and how the intersections between them in space create combinationsthat resemble harmonies in polyphonic music. Recitatives appear between the polyphonic parts, whereonelimb draws its course and the other body parts serve it.

Composed and performed by: Amos Hetz

Amos Hetz is a dancer and dance composer. In the early 1970s he began performing with Tnu’ot Dance Ensemble, which he also directed. In 1989 he founded Room Dances Festival, in order to promote chamber dance. He founded the Department of Movement and Movement Notation in the Faculty of Dance at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, which he headed until retiring in 2002. Amos teaches and lectures on movement and EWMN (Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation) and has performed in various festivals in Israel and abroad. In 1999 he received the Jerusalem Prize in dance, and 2013 he was awarded the Mifal Hapais'Michael Landau Prize' for the Performing Arts.