Trinken - Shelly Palmon

by: Shelly Palmon | sound: Zoe Polansky | costume: Yeshaiahu Rabinowitz 

"Trinken und Trinken" wrote Paul Celan and Shimon Sandbank translated to hebrew: "shotim ve shotim". In my work I wanted to seek the rhythmic in my dance and "Todesfuge " of Celan was the specific place where I choose to play, the sound and meaning of the words with the vision and meanings of the movements. I found out that the rhythmic is not only a demand of the aesthetic but also something that arrive from necessity and passion.

Through the work one can hear Paul Celan reads "Todesfuge " the distance of the foreign language gives me the opportunity to listen to the sound of the words with the understanding that emerge from the few familiar words, this combination between familiar and foreign is what can maybe be the enterance to the dance .