Program 2016

The 28th Room Dances Festival

In this year’s festival we present the connection between physical action and spoken word, the bond between dance and poetry. In spite of the fact that we claim that dance is an independent art requiring no external support or additions, we are aware that our influences are gathered from many sources. The dances this year are fruits of a dialogue held by choreographers with the written word and dances that were inspired by poetry. Language serves us on a daily basis, allowing us to express thoughts and dreams and to create literature and poetry. It has an established order: sentences, words, syllables, consonants and movements and opens new possibilities for expression for us.

Our bodies serve us on a daily basis for artistic endeavors: theater, painting, music and dance- which is the artistic expression of the moving body. In dance just as in language, we can follow patterns- sentences comprised of gestures- syllables, built of states and movements.

We invite the audience to get close to our attempts at connections between dance and poetry. In most of the dances, the connection is implied. That said, we hope that the audience will experience the poetry that is within them.

This year’s festival includes four programs; dances that were commissioned by the festival on the topic of dance and poetry. We will continue our flagship program, a collaboration with young dancers who have graduated from professional training programs which we have expanded considerably since its inception last year. Our international guest this year is Junko Wada (Japan/Germany), a dancer and painter, whose relation to dance and poetry comprises a long tradition in contemporary practice.

Amos Hetz
Artistic Director


Program 1 – Shelly Palmon, Amos Hetz, Nava Frenkel, Sigal Bergman

Program 2 – Talia de Vries, Tami Lebovits, Anat Shamgar

Program 3 – Natalie Afriat, Orit Shaul, Yair Lisaey, Kerem Shemi

Program 4 - Junko Wada (Japan/Germany)

Opening Conference – Poetry and Dance

Friday, December 16th, 11:00-14:00 - Free admission

At Hateiva – 19 Sderot Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Participants: Amos Hetz, Zali Gurevitch Lior Avizoor and the participating artists



Tel Aviv Events

Hateiva, 19 Sderot Yerushalayim

Program 1 – Thursday, December 22th, 20:30

Program 2 – Friday, December 23th, 20:30

Program 3 – Friday, December 23th, 13:00

Program 4 – Saturday, December 24th, 20:30


Jerusalem Events

Leo Model Hall, Gerard Behar Center, 11 Bezalel St

Program 1 – Wednesday, December 28th, 20:30

Program 2 – Thursday, December 29th, 20:30

Program 3 – Saturday, December 30th, 13:00

Program 4 – Thursday, December 31th, 20:30



Tickets: Single ticket – 65 NIS; member ticket – 45 NIS; two performances – 70 NIS; four performances – 120 NIS

To order tickets for the Tel Aviv performances, call 03-6822403

Tickets for the Jerusalem events will be sold at the theater before the shows or by reservation through email: [email protected]