El Manisero | El Manisero

Program B - Friday 21/12, Tel Aviv, 20:30 | Wednesday 26/12, Jerusalem, 20:30

The experience of time and space happens only on bodies, that is why the movement of objects is fake, it is just an illusion. Objects are unstoppable but they never move, they don’t advance from one place to another. They always remain at the same point plunging eternally inside themselves, remodeling and reconfiguring themselves hysterically, always dissatisfied with their image, always betrayed by their sensory representation.

Choreography and performance: El Manisero

Accompaniment during the process: Talia de Vries, Ricardo Santana

Music: Antonio Machín

Production: El Manisero, Centre National de la Dance, Pantín, "Ayudas a la Difusión Internacional de la Danza de la Fundación SGAE"

This material started inside the program Research Studios at PARTS Brussels with the support of "Beca Integral para la Ampliación de Estudios Internacionales de la Fundación SGAE", IBERESCENA and Departures and Arrivals ADN.

Thanks to La Ribot

El Manisero is a choreographer, theater director and performer, based in Madrid. He also develops his artistic work in the realm of installation, video creation and script writing. His interest in artistic reflection and its implications for philosophy, sociology and other realms of knowledge has led him to become involved in different research and study projects.

Photos: Tine Declerk