FIGURES3 | Talia de Vries

Choreography: Talia de Vries | Performance: Naïma Mazic and Talia de Vries | The work was created in the Research program in P.A.R.T.S in collaboration with the Canadian choreographer Susanna Hood. 

Thanks to Susanna Hood, Vicente Colomar, William Ruiz Morales and Bojana Cvejic.

A choreographic proposition from the research on Memory and Time. The work deals with the relation between Photography and Dance, between Stillness and Movement.

« …Things can be repaired. I do not quite believe in the Phoenix, that things die and resuscitate. I am rather areligious. But I have some faith in the symbolic action. Wanting to repair the past involves the experience of guilt, and guilt is present in all my work.” Louise Bourgeois