MISHKALIM - Kerem Shemi

Choreography: Kerem Shemi | Created with and performed by: Annika Dörr, Kerem Shemi


"Mishkalim" is a personal, existential journey in random space.

Two Mishkalim – the Mishkal (weight) of the dancing body, its mass which laid in the space, and the Mishkal (meter) of the poem, its rhythmic pattern which creates its internal movement and expression, offers two perspectives for reading this blurry dancing space.

And the participants in its embodiment allow a reference point to relate to,

as well as –

man sitting on a bench

man riding a bicycle



Kerem Shemi is a dancer, choreographer and devoted Kung Fu practitioner. She received her BA in dance and choreography at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and continued her movement research in China exploring the Chinese martial arts. Teaching ‘Kung Fu dance’ classes in Berlin.

Annika Dörr is a freelance dancer and a movement teacher based in Berlin. She received her BA in Musical Theatre at the University of Arts in London and a Diploma in contemporary dance education in SEAD. In her work she combines dance with various other movement methods.