Three events in Time and in Space | El Manisero & Talia de Vries

Program A - Thursday 20/12, Tel Aviv, 20:30 | Saturday 29/12, Jerusalem, 20:30

Three events in Time and Space is a work of research into the time that exists between image and sound; between the footage of reality and its soundtrack. The space between images and sounds is usually ignored, erased. It exists in the cracks of reality. But, if we slow down the pace of reality enough we will see that there is an abyss between a glass breaking and its crash. A space that could last hours, days, weeks, even centuries. A never-ending space open to boundless possibilities.

Choreography and performance: El Manisero & Talia de Vries

Production: RoomDances Festival, “Ayudas a la Difusión Internacional de la Danza de la Fundación SGAE”, (Spain)

Residency support: Azala - Space for Creation, P.A.R.T.S

Many Thanks to Olga de Soto, Idoia Zabaleta, Steven de Belder, Myriam Van Imschoot, Ricardo Santana and Johann Nöhles.