Opening event, Friday 14/12, Varda Hall, Suzanne Dellal Center, From noon until midnight

VEXATIONS Is a short composition for piano from 1893 by the French composer Erik Satie. Satie wrote on the score that it should be played 840 times.

Amos Hetz, the founder and director of RoomDances festival, will present for the 4th time a long duration performance of 12 hours. 14 dancers will perform a 7 minutes dance that they've created especially for Vexations, and will dance it repeatedly through out the marathon in different sets (solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet). 4 pianists will play Satie's music during the 12 hours performance. Vexations is a unique collage, in which each hour is build out of 7 new sets of 7 minutes. It is a an ongoing game and a challenge for both the performers and the audience, in which we propose a contemplative and active observation experience. 

The performance lasts for 12 hours and each first 10 minutes of every hour, the doors will open and the audience will be able to come in and out, rest for an hour and come back to observe. 

Part of Batsheva Hosting

Idea, instruction and artistic direction: Amos Hetz

Musical direction: Shira Legman

Dance: Avigail Sfez, Aharona Israel, Uri Terkonitz, Alon Karniel, David Kern, Talia de Vries, Talia Paz, Nir Vidan, Noa Dar, Sigal Bergman, Amos Hetz, Anat Danieli, Anat Shamgar, Shahar Davis

Piano: Batya Morvitz, Nadia Weintraub, Ofra Izhaky, Shira Legman

Light design: Noa Elran 

Production: Batsheva Dance Company, RoomDances Festival