Conference | Music - Why ?

Friday 22/12, 12pm, Teiva Theater Tel Aviv

Moderator: Talia de Vries

The conference will include statements by the festival's artists: May Zarhy and Michal Oppenheim, Ana Wild, Anat Shamgar and Tom Solovietzik, Dan Weinstein and Anat Shmagar (Bikurim Project) and Amos Hetz. We will host as well two lectures by Prof. Galili Shahar and Mrs Esti Nadler.

Ms. Esti Nadler will inquire whether dance is an independent art, or subordinate to music? Does dance history attest to its being an audio-visual art? What does the art of dance ?loose or gain from its marriage with music? Is the spectator expected to bear the unbearable in the absence of music?  

Galili Shahar will discuss the issue of the body - the body that dis-appears in the western intellectual history and culture, the body that re-turns, however, in dance. The re-turn of the body is an event of thinking, as the body is being transformed into a movement, an act, a gesture of thought. The body is a limb, a (left) hand for thinking. Its future, its end are also expressed in voices, in traces.

Galili Shahar is professor of Comparative literature and German studies. His work is dedicated to research and teaching of German, Jewish and Hebrew literatures. Since 2013 he serves as director of the Minerva Institute for German History at the Tel Aviv University.

Esti Nadler former dancer in the Batsheva Dance Company, The Stuttgart Ballet and in The Kol Demama Dance Company of which she was one of its founders. Holds an M.A in Philosophy from the Tel Aviv University and hosts gatherings about Art, Dance and Philosophy.

Image: Score of the piece Fontana Mix by John Cage