Program D >> Plateau | Anat Shamgar and Tom Soloveitzik

Tel Aviv, Saturday 23/12, 20:30 | Jerusalem, Saturday 30/12, 20:30

"And you know that there are roads in which being can no longer...rise, therefore, let's embark. Can't you see, we can start...and let's stop as well, and leave this story unto ld...stopped from being a story and transforming into a non story, into matter..."                (S. Izhar - Palteou Stories - A story unstarted).

Silence as space, as movement and as thought. Sound as matter. All being the basis for a dialogue in the aesthetics of minimalism, of clarity and of precision. What we have common is not the medium, but rather the mutual presence and the search for the equal within the  difference.

Anat Shamager is dancer and dance maker of solo and collaborative pieces in multimedia.  Performs in festivals and  independent venues. A faculty member and the head of the Choreography program in Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy .

Tom Soloveitzik is musician composer and sound artist, focusing on various representations of place through sound and language, and research of the human so und. An artistic co -director of Musica Nova. Teaches at the Musrara Experimental Music and Sound Art program, co -presenter at the Screeching Orchestra in the Digital Art Center in Holon.