Program D >> Here | May Zarhy and Michal Oppenheim

Tel Aviv, Saturday 23/12, 20:30 | Jerusalem, Saturday 30/12, 20:30

Conceived and performed by May Zarhy & Michal Oppenheim

HERE is a piece from the shared practice of Zarhy and Oppenheim, choreographer/dancer and musician/vocal artist, who have been collaborating since 2015. The two research how through the act of listening in its widest sense, and the investigation of the invisible internal cavities of the body, the choreographic structure as well as the music can reveal themselves and together construct the work. With the piece HERE, the artists invite the spectators to experience the here and the now with them - the encounter of two women and two mediums.

May Zarhy is a graduate of the choreography program ex.e.r.ce in France and Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. Was assisting choreographer William Forsythe in his creation in 2005. A founder member of the choreographic collective MAMAZA in Germany.

Michal Oppenheim works in a wide performative field whose center is the exploration of the voice. A founder of the 'Givol choir' - an experimental vocal ensemble. Works as a performer (among others in the GHOM! Gibrish Kantata and The general & the ocean), and creator of 'Eres' - lullaby songs for adults.

Zarhy's and Oppenheim's collaborative pieces both had their premiere in Diver Festival: 'YES' in 2015 and 'the VOICES' in 2017.