Program B >> Aleph | Ana Wild

Tel Aviv Thursday 21/12, 20:30 | Jerusalem, Wednesday 27/12, 20:30

Created and performed by Ana Wild, In collaboration with Leila Anderson
Tricks and assistance: Bastien Gachet

In Aleph, Ana Wild offers the learning of a language to her audience. Starting with simple and concrete things, word by word she builds an increasingly complex lexicon of sound, movement and layered meaning.

Ana is talking about mother-language, about landscape, weather, body and inheritance. In a poetic and playful manner she leads us through cultural ideas and contagious ideology, treading the line between hopelessness and courage. In Aleph she presents herself in the guise of a trickster, a young-girl, battling against the Aleph, the giant, with its own weapon: language itself.

Ana Wild is an artist performance maker and performer. She studied at DasArts - master of theatre, Amsterdam (2013-2015) and at the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem (2008-2011). Ana’s creation processes are forms of studying: casting herself in the role of an "amateur scholar", she is interested in the preciousness of knowledge and in shaping performance as a moment of potential understanding. As a performer, Ana worked with Julian Hezel, Lior Lerman, Ant Hampton, Danae Theodoridou and many more. She collaborated on and directed pieces by Zik Group, Inbal Yomtovian, Namer Golan, the Compromises rock band and more. Ana is currently based in Geneva, where she studies French, pottery and Art History, while developing a Lexicon of images that explain the world. In 2018 she will be a fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany.