Tracy- Naama Ityel

Choreography and performance: Naama Ityel

In this era, when from the throbbing silicon in the palm of your hand you obtain instant global connection sitting behind your four walls, in which you have the power to activate the sprinklers in your garden from a distant continent, you may also inadvertently flood your brain with a firehose of information flowing through these channels. Which kind of mindset and body does this bombarding, overwhelming amount of information create? My body is a receiver for political frequencies, being pulled into contradicting streams of cultures and tastes while remaining indecisive.

Naama Ityel is a dancer, choreographer and yoga teacher, currently studying to become aFeldenkrais practitioner. Naama studied at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), the Ga’aton Danceworkshop, the Mate Asher Dance Workshop and the High School for Arts in Tel Aviv. She has worked with different choreographers and created works in Israel and in Europe. At the moment she is based in Berlin.